Finite Element Analysis

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) or Finite Element Modelling (FEM) is a process by which a component model is broken down into smaller elements which can then be given mechanical or thermal properties of materials. Various types of loads, accelerations and restraints can then be applied to the model. A matrix of partial differential equations is solved to give an approximation to the real world stress state and structural behaviour.

Finite Element modelling can provide extremely accurate results, providing confidence in your structural solution and aiding certification. With the latest pre and post processors, solvers and in-house tools to interface with FE, complex models can be created extremely efficiently and cost-effectively with highly accurate and detailed reports provided.

We are very experienced in the creation and interpretation of complex Finite Element models for both composite and non-composite solutions.

We can offer a complete range of advanced finite element services including Linear, Geometric Non-linear (e.g. Large Displacements, Contact), Material Non-linear, Buckling, Normal Modes, Frequency Response, Static and Transient Thermal and Dynamic Transient Response Including Impact.

Model Gallery

Wing Structure

Axisymmetric Model with Pre-load and Contact
Wind Energy T-bolt

Dynamic Transient (Impact)
Leading Edge Panel

Frequency Response
Composite Footbridge

Puck Failure Mode
Wind Turbine Blade