Structural Design Services

Our experience of structural design across a wide range of markets makes us the ideal partner to perform or support your design activities. Below is just a small selection of how we can help your project.

Structural Design Engineering

Our design engineering services, coupled with our analysis capabilities can provide the perfect ‘one-stop shop’ for your project.

Materials and Process Selection

With expert knowledge of a wide range of composite material and processing technologies, we can advise you as to the best materials and processes for your project. We are independent so you can always be assured of impartial advice.

Engineering Over-check

Risk management is an important part of any structural engineering project. We can perform an additional check of previously performed engineering to highlight any areas of concern.

Certification Guidance and Liaison

We have extensive experience working with certification authorities to ensure a smooth path through the certification process for your project and consequently produce full certification documentation with an in-depth knowledge of the requirements. We also have experience of involvement with working groups to define new rule requirements, thus promoting best practice.

Design Basis Definition

When a project involves a new market area or a market in which the use of composite materials has not been traditional industry standard practice, defining design, analysis and certification requirements can be a complex and confusing process. We can define and agree such requirements resulting in a safe and efficient structure.

Tender Document Preparation and Project Management

Project management of composite engineering and construction projects can require specialist knowledge of the materials, design, analysis and construction processes in order to make sure the project runs as smoothly as possible.

Advanced Composite Failure Theorems

Composite failure modes, and therefore design and analysis techniques, used when designing composite structures require specialist knowledge. We can perform analyses using advanced failure theorems such as Puck or NASA Langley LaRC02, often required for certification.

Advanced Fatigue Analysis

Advanced fatigue analysis of complex composite structures, which are required in many industries, can be performed quickly and easily using our in-house analysis tools.