CAD and Ply Draping Services

Whatever the analysis, the outputs must be presented in a clear, unambiguous and manufacturable form. Our CAD and ply draping services aid both design and manufacture and ensure smooth communication and clear documentation.

3d CAD

We can create highly accurate 3d Cad models for your project for use in analysis or to communicate concept ideas.

2D CAD and Ply Books

We create highly detailed, easy to follow layup plans or ply books showing detailed layups for your construction drawings.

Ply Draping

Ply draping simulations can be carried out both for finite element model accuracy and to aid ease and accuracy of manufacture.

Consider the analogy of an atlas. The earth’s surface cannot be represented accurately in an atlas without stretching or shearing. The same is true of complex curvature moulded components. The amount of shear or slide which can be put into a composite fabric is limited before slits or ‘darts’ are required. Additionally, the shear in the fabric affects the fibre directions in the composite layup, potentially affecting the stresses. This can be accurately modelled meaning that the accuracy and repeatability of production parts may be improved and the risk of modifications or a re-design late in the manufacturing process may be avoided.